How To Take Handprints, Fingerprints and Animal Prints At Home for Personalised Jewellery

How To Take Handprints, Fingerprints and Animal Prints At Home for Personalised Jewellery

Sound familiar:

Help! I’m not sure how to do this?

I’m not sure whether I want to risk taking the prints myself?

Don’t Worry I’m Here To help 😊

You’ve found Joy Impressions and you’re thinking this is an ace idea – personalised jewellery. You would love to get this done but you’re nowhere near Ilkley or don’t have the time to book an appointment and travel over.  Don’t worry! You are not on your own but there is no reason why you can’t go ahead and place that order.

I will post out the kit for you to take the prints at home and you can then post them back to me.

At lot of my customer worry that they won’t be able to get a good print or the prints won’t be as good as I could take.  I re-assure my customers and say don’t worry I will only use workable prints and touch wood – I have never had any that I couldn’t use. 

Handprint/Footprint/Pet Print Jewellery

Don’t fret about the smudges; just take as many prints on the sheet as you can.  You may have a couple of prints that have slipped or a few double fingers but it is unusual not to be able to use one of them.  If the prints are not usable I will post out another kit – I want create a beautiful piece that you will be totally happy with.



If you have a young baby you can take the prints whilst the baby is sleeping.  Just make sure the reactive paper is on a flat hard surface.  Whilst the baby is lying flat and sleeping simply wipe their handprint or footprint and place on the reactive sheet. 


A couple of examples of handprint I receive:


Fingerprint Jewellery

You get two chances because when taking fingerprints it is done using moulding compound – a soft putty.  There is also time to re-roll the moulding compound and have another go should you think the prints/details are not clear enough.  Worst case if that I post out another fingerprint kit to you.  It is in my best interests to have a good fingerprint as I want to be able to make you an awesome piece of jewellery.


Instructions - posted out with kits:

Example of Dog Print

If in doubt just call or email me and am always happy to help :-)






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