Collection: Botanical Plaster Casts

Tara Joy (new website for botanical work from Feb 2022)

Tara is an artist who lives and works in Ilkley casting flowers and foliage from the countryside. She captures nature and all its detail in relief plaster casts and ceramics.

The plants and flowers are hand pressed into clay and then removed leaving behind an impression.  Strong casting plaster is poured into the impressions  to create the cast.  The textures and details of nature are captured and preserved creating unique pieces of art perfect for home interiors.

Commissions are welcome. Wedding bouquets can also be cast please send me a message to enquire for further details.

Original pieces will also be available please message me if interested to see any latest 1/1 casts. 

Upcoming Exhibitions 2023:



Work also available in Moss & Moor, Ilkley & Noras Gift Shop, Ilkley.

Botanical Casts & Ceramics Made In The Studio - Perfect Gifts